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Welcome to ICON

here you will find information regarding our club, what we do, and our upcoming events

Our Mission

ICON Detroit sets it's goal, to contribute in the largest measure possible to the prominence of truth and justice and the well-being of human kind with social emphasis on the gay and lesbian community. To project the positive aspects of the leather lifestyle. To lend assistance in any way possible to victims of HIV/AIDS. To join in the campaign against HIV/AIDS, and to partake in the continuing education in the areas of HIV and HIV prevention. Toward this end, it is the aim of ICON Detroit to develop in its members the highest standards and acts of honor, chivalry, unselfishness, tolerance, and loyalty to the laws and established moral code of ICON Detroit, the traditions, standards and practice of this organization and the Democratic principles of this country. It is a fundamental principle of this organization that no finer means is offered for the achievement of these aims than the brotherly association of men and women with similar tastes, inclinations and goals.

Member Spotlight

Under contructiuon

Each month we will be choosing a current member, alumni, or pledge to put in the spotlight. Stay tuned.


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